The latest from Senior Civil Engineer, Frank Petise:

September 2 - september 9

Construction Activities and Notices Regarding Pedestrian and Commuter Access:

·         New access points open from the parking lot to the northbound/New Haven side of the station platform.

·         New Pedestrian protected walkway access along driveway to northbound platform area.

·         The East side staircases accessing the Northbound/New Haven side of the tracks from Sound Beach Avenue have been closed and will remain closed for demolishing and reconstructing of the new stairs.

Night Operations

·         No Nighttime Operations are scheduled for the upcoming week

Daytime Operations

·         Day Time Operations are scheduled to continue 6 am to 2:30 pm daily.

·         Work scheduled to continue on the S.O.E. - Support of Excavation for the remaining portion of Retaining Wall in the Lower Parking Lot.

·         Continue setting retaining wall panels for remaining portion of the lower lot Retaining Wall.

·         Contractor to continue the installation of new Sound Beach Avenue stairway handrails.

·         Contractor to begin installation of conduit and light poles at the new Sound Beach Avenue Stairways.

April 3, 2017


Monday 4/3 through Friday 4/7 Daytime – Alternating one way traffic on Tomac.


Monday night 4/3 9:00pm-6:00am – Alternating one way traffic on Sound Beach Avenue

Tuesday & Wednesday nights (4-4-17 & 4-5-17) - 9:00pm-6:00am – Sound Beach Avenue closed, detour will be implemented. South parking lot traffic will be detoured to Sound Beach Avenue through Arcadia Rd. rather than South Station Drive since the crane will be in the way.

March 28, 2017

They are planning to erect the Structural Steel for Track 2 at Sound Beach Avenue on Thursday, march 30th and Friday, march 31st and implementing a full road closure as per plan from 7pm to 6am on both Thursday 3/30 and Friday 3/31 nights. 

Manafort, Hartland Steel Erectors, Ducci Electric and Metro North forces will be on site. 

April 18, 2016

Tomac Avenue: The demolition has already begun on the Tomac Avenue Bridge.

Sound Beach Avenue: Manafort is supposed to begin night work this week to begin demolishing the bridge on Sound Beach Avenue, the night work requires coordination with metro north and their availability so the night work schedule is not a sure thing (Metro North provides flaggers/spotters for the workers on the tracks).

The staircases on Sound Beach Avenue on the south side of the bridge have been closed and will remain closed for approximately 6 months.  Once the demolition begins on the Sound Beach Avenue Bridge the sidewalk on the east side of Sound Beach Avenue in the vicinity of the bridge we be closed.

Parking Lot: The new staircase from the lower lot to the upper lot should be opened by June 1st.

January 27, 2016

We spoke to DOT about updating the project website weekly, so really the best source of information on closures, etc. is the project website. (link in our banner)  The road closures are tied into when Metro North allows track outages so it isa fluctuating schedule which makes it difficult for us to be more specific on a road closure schedule.  So far they have been updating the website so we will continue to monitor that as well.
NEW FACT: The current configuration of the upper and lower parking lots on the south side of the station will remain as is until this summer.

January 8, 2016

They will being moving the concrete barriers in the parking area tomorrow morning.  This will allow them to continue the second phase of the retaining wall, a larger portion of the lot will be blocked off as a result.  Parking Services said they will permit holders to park in the parking area on West End Avenue.
Also they have begun work on the railroad bridges over Sound Beach and Tomac Avenue.  Night work by both Metro North and Manafort Brothers Inc. will begin next week, this work should not require road closures.  The week of 1/18 they are scheduled to begin night work that will require road
closures of both Sound Beach and Tomac (not simultaneously), this work will continue into February.

August 2015

Parking lot work has begun. See an updated image gallery by clicking HERE



December 2014

First Steps in Train Bridge Construction Project Have Begun

The first phase of the Old Greenwich Train Bridge Rehabilitation Project has begun, and it consists of Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) relocating the existing overhead power line in the upper and lower portions of the South Commuter Parking Lot. In the following weeks, CL&P will also be installing new wooden utility poles and underground electrical service in the lower parking lot. As a result of this work, parking spaces at various locations at the Old Greenwich Railroad Station will be inaccessible. Please be cognizant of any construction signs, cones and notices posted at the site.

For more information, please click on the Train Bridge banner above for the updates from the Department of Transit, and bookmark this site so that you can regularly check for traffic disruption information, work schedules, and more.