Last Updated: January 2018

1. Replacement of the Sound beach avenue bridge over cider mill brook plus widening of the roundabout and intersection at forest ave.

Come to the Public Meeting on January 25th at 7pm at the EGCC to learn More

2.  the Federal Railway Administration’s proposal to expand rail service in the area, including building FASTER rail lines between New Rochelle and Greens Farms and creating new lines through Greenwich and old greenwich. 

Read more about the debate HERE and the SECOAST'S efforts HERE

3. P&Z has Turned down the Proposal for an apartment building at 143 Sound beach

The Planning and Zoning Board has rejected a permit application now for a 60-unit apartment building with 20% of it to be slated for affordable housing to be located at 143 Sound Beach Avenue. The Old Greenwich Association is in contact with the developers, monitoring the proposal details and raising awareness among residents. We are serving as a conduit between concerned residents and town hall officials as well as directly with the developers themselves.

4.  Storm Drain project has left Old Greenwich School Fields a mess with no solution until summer 2018

A portion of the playing fields will remain restricted until Spring of 2018 according to the Town of Greenwich.  For your safety and the safety of your children, please respect any temporary fencing, barricades or restricted areas. Permanent restoration of all sidewalks, curbs and pavement is scheduled to be completed by the Board of Education during Summer 2018.  Please follow this link here for constant updates from the town.

5. The Dredging of binney pond

The dredging of Binney Pond will begin July 5th and is estimated to go through to the fall and then resume again in the spring with plantings. Please see the tentative schedule below. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 10.00.09 AM.png


6. Train Bridge Construction

Due to delays with MTA, the project is now being slated to be finished by Fall 2018.  Please check our dedicated page for more detailed information direct from the DOT website (see the link in orange banner above)

7. Renovation of the Eastern greenwich Civic Center

The OGRCC, the OGA, The Cos Cob Association and the Riverside Association are currently meeting with the Parks and Recreation Department to maintain a voice on their committee to oversee the design and construction of a new Civic Center building. The Old Greenwich Association has a keen interest in plans for the Center and has been active in pushing for a larger, brand new building with more facilities than the town is currently  interested in constructing.



The OGA Board encourages Old Greenwich citizens to identify possible problems and solutions in these areas. To achieve this, it is essential that the OGA Board receive input and assistance from interested community members. This website provides one vehicle that we hope is a convenient way to gain your involvement and to effectively address these issues.


We look forward to hearing from you